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Loving You Is Wrong video premiered on EARMILK today. Produced by Benbrick & LP. Check it out here..

Benbrick first radio play on BBC 6 Music

Thanks to Tom Robinson for giving And So she Runs the first Benbrick radio play. The track will be available on iPlayer for 30 days, and is also available on the Fresh on The Net Mixtape (available here).

You can also get the track on iTunes, or watch it on YouTube.

Benbrick BBC

Benbrick in The Irish Times

So pleased that BENBRICK is in this weeks Irish Times ‘Culture’ Supplement. Check it out –

Benbrick in Irish Times

Luke Pickett on Shortlist

Luke Pickett on The Shortlist: With over 140k subscribers over Twitter & Facebook, Shortlist is one of the most influential UK lifestyle blogs. This is the second time something I’ve worked on has been posted there (I’ll post the other up later today). Check it out!

Luke Pickett Shortlist

Benbrick produced Loving You Is Wrong on

Luke Pickett Boi-1da; home of Boi-1da – 3 time Grammy winning producer of Drake, Future, Mobb Deep etc. has posted up the latest Luke Pickett single, produced by Benbrick & LP. Dope! Check out the write up here.

Luke Pickett uploads Loving You Is Wrong

Luke Pickett’s new single Loving You Is Wrong premiered on Nylon today.

Nylon LP

Listen to the song here, produced by Benbrick and LP.

Wonderland interview with Benbrick

I did another interview. This time with Wonderland mag.


Here’s a taster –

So what do you want from your music career?

I’d like to continue to make things that excite and inspire me. Eventually, I’d like to be doing more music for film.

Is that the same feeling you get from writing a song?

Being excited and inspired? It’s definitely the thing that I’m looking for. Sometimes it takes a long time to find. I normally start writing at about midnight when everyone has left the other studios around me, and it’s quiet.

What do you spare no expense on?

Probably food and coffee. I find menus at restaurants really annoying though. It just takes so long to read them and work out what’s going on. We need a new menu system. I’d spare no expense overhauling the menu system.


Benbrick on Pop Dose

You know when you glance at the URL and think “I’m going to enjoy this write up” – that happened today.


Check it out –

Luke Pickett #‎LYIW‬ coming soon


Luke Pickett has just dropped a new photo from the forthcoming single produced by Benbrick. The first single (also produced & co written by Benbrick) was premiered on VIBE mag where they called it ‘a relief to all mankind‘.

And So She Runs

And So She Runs on EARMILK

EARMILK have once again supported my music. Love those guys.

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 14.45.08

This time they’ve written about And So She Runs. Go read the full article here

It’s unusual to find an artist with not only a captivating sound, but also a captivating purpose.

I love that – everything I do is driven by my own ambition to make new art and get it out into the world. I am not too interested in record labels at the moment – I simply want to find new ways to connect my music with other people.

Not only do we feel a touch of Sam Smith, but also The Weeknd and an almost Ben Gibbard like structure in his vocals.

If you don’t know Ben Gibbard – he is the singer in Death Cab for Cutie and one of my favourite singers and lyricists. I was listening to his album Transatlanticism quite a lot while creating my music so it’s really very cool to be mentioned in the same sentence.

Benbrick first ever Interview on Brightside

I did a Benbrick interview with Brightside the other day for my new track And So She Runs… here is a little taster

As always here at Brightside, we strive to connect independent artists to bigger paths. I wouldn’t be surprised to see you make it much further in 2014. Do you see yourself being picked up by a label?

Thank you! At the moment I’m really enjoying creating music, creating videos, reaching out to blogs. I don’t want to have to compromise – but I’m aware that teaming up with the right label could flip the project. I’m thinking more about indie labels though – someone that has the time to dedicate to building something great. It’s about more than just playing some shows around London, you know? It feels like a good time to be creating music – the power is in your hands to get it in front of lots of people. As labels are moving to subscription and streaming instead of CD sales it’s more important than ever to know exactly what the label is going to deliver. I think I’m probably just quite picky! Haha

Go read the full interview here

Benbrick x Everyman Cinema

Benbrick video They All Say will be played at the amazing Everyman Cinemas down at Kings Cross Filling Station from 24/4 to 5/5 before some classic Road Movies. Book now

“…settle in under the shelter of the old forecourt canopy, gaze up at the big screen, with your own headphones and blanket, to join us for a road trip through Americana without ever leaving the comfort of your seat. Everyman’s own bar will of course be fully stocked with American hot dogs, beers, wine, cocktails and bottomless filter coffee.”

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