Hikaru Utada on GooglePlay

I searched for BENBRICK on GooglePlay today… and it came up with the tracks I’ve co written with Troye Sivan and Utada Hikaru. Very clever Google! I looked at the tracks Utada has on GooglePlay and Sakura Nagashi is the 4th best-selling track on there! That’s an artist that’s sold more than 50 million records. I thought that was very cool!

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Ricky Gervais posts about Benbrick again

The Perfect Ending

I've been writing a new piece that is set to scenes from Derek (series 2 this time). Ricky Gervais doesn't know yet, so let's keep it a secret! It's called 'The Perfect Ending'Thanks to the amazing Milly McGregor on violin. Tomorrow I'll be recording the equally amazing Peter Gregson on the cello.E-mail me for songs &/or chats

Posted by Benbrick on Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Check out the new GARYGO

I just found a picture from Bondi…

Isn’t it beautiful! The ocean feeds into that swimming pool and you can swim with the waves crashing into you. It’s called Icebergs. Sydney was great! And now I’m back in London and it’s cold and raining.


In the studio with Louis Schoorl

Love this guy


So sad to see the news yesterday in Sydney. We are all the same, and we all want the same thing, regardless of what the media says. #illridewithyou

Guess where I am right now…



Los Angeles?

In Space?

Benbrick in Music Week

I had a little piece in Music Week today. You can get the magazine from all those good newsagents. Here it is!

(P.s. I’ve just arrived in Sydney after a 31 hour journey. It’s pouring with rain and I’m ready to sleep!)

Music Week

Here are the songs/writers mentioned!

Ricky Gervais just called my music ‘Stunningly beautiful’

Okay, Ricky Gervais just retweeted this link so for those that are new: Hello I’m Paul Carter! I write music under the name Benbrick, and this is my website

Ricky Gervais creates some of the most thought provoking (watch: extras X-mas special), funny (watch: The Ricky Gervais show), original (watch: The Office), and heart wrenching (watch: Derek) art out there today. When I saw Derek for the first time I fell in love with how the show sums up the human condition. Ricky Gervais creates work that is un compromised and original. Working within music (where most people are chasing ‘hits’) I often find my inspiration in other areas; like Television.

Gervais Benbrick

I wanted to write something to go with the visuals of Derek. I started writing while watching the show, and ended up with a rough sketch. I paid someone to edit certain scenes to what I’d started. We went back and forth and I perfected the music to the arc of the scenes. It was an intensive process – we were cutting into scenes, fading out dialog, adding little delays, all so that it worked perfectly.

I believed that if you create good art from the right place that you can get it to the right people. I’m not sure if I honestly believed Ricky would hear it, but I knew I’d give it a good try….And so began a search for the contact details of the producers, and directors, and other related people who I might be able to reach out to.

Through tracking the IMDB I found one of the producers Charlie, we spoke briefly via e-mail. Eventually I was in touch with United Agents.. I even called one of the previous producers on their phone, Judith, using an old number I found on a random website…. but nothing came of it right then…


Paul Carter Gervais

I guess the moral of the story is: create good shit and when you’ve done that, believe in it, and yourself.


This is the room Dr Dre made Chronic 2001 in…

Luke Pickett – The Star In My Movie

The new BENBRICK produced Luke Pickett jam is here. Check it out

Songs with Jeff Franzel

Jeff Franzel is a great friend and a great writer. We co – wrote the song ‘Remember to smile’ together which was on a number 1 album in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

This is us writing in a private cinema on a grand piano.