Feb 4, 2013

<h2>Benbrick – Beyond That Nothing Lyrics</h2>

written by Benbrick

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No I wont be home tonight, and here’s why
There’s still some things that I’m trying to get over

Like how I always hold on
When all you do is hold back

Like how I should forgive you
For how you didn’t give

I spent so much time going back to all the places that we used to love
I’ve been thinking it over
I think I mean I know that it’s over

There’s still some things I’m letting go of
There’s still so much unsaid between us
There’s still some things I’ve got to know
but Beyond That Nothing

I take the line to her place
I say we’ve got to square things
Cos we’ve been going round in circles
And I didn’t see it shaping up like this

It’s too important to me
It should be important to you
But you’re more important to me
Than you’re important to you

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