Paul Carter produces under the pseudonym Benbrick

Paul Carter 2

Benbrick debut EP Closer | Closure is mixed by the guy behind Faithless & mastered by the guy behind James Blake. Read about Forever Holding On: Earmilk, WTGR, Culture Of Me, Indie Native, Brightside, Spincoaster.

Carter co wrote theme music to Evangelion 3.0 with Utada (“the most influential artist of the decade” – The Japan Times). It was certified Platinum within the first week and debuted at number 1 in Japan.

Paul is producing debut Luke Pickett album. Vibe Magazine debuted the single (top 15 R&B iTunes). Earmilk premiered Benbrick-produced EP and picked up on “stunning production behind stunning vocals.”

Paul’s songs have been recorded by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, and have been used in advertising campaigns reaching 4 continents.

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