Paul Carter is a Platinum selling songwriter, producer and artist that works under the name Benbrick.

Paul Carter 2

Carter wrote Gasoline with Troye Sivan. TRXYE iTunes #1 in 58 countries inc. USA & UK. 5 on the Billboard 200.

Carter wrote 桜流し with Utada. End credits music to biggest film opening of 2012 in Japan. #1 single.

Benbrick EP Closer | Closure mixed by the guy behind Faithless & mastered by the guy behind James Blake

“an artist with not only a captivating sound,
but also a captivating purpose”

“…songs replete with big romantic ambience
that stand distinct from his contemporaries”

“This is music built for a soundtrack”

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Carter is producing Luke Pickett album. 1st single premiered on Vibe and charted in the top 15 R&B iTunes.

Carter’s songs have been recorded by The RPO and used in advertising campaigns reaching 4 continents.